arzillion ( Patents Pending )

How to cope with the information overload that we experience every day ?

Despite the arrival of Internet & browser technologies, presentation of news articles and most other information still uses the age-old format - which often leads to the tl;dr phenomenon.

With Arzillion, we solve the problem through several products – one of them is Snippets.

Snippets represent a major advance in presenting a wide variety of information. Snippets present core points of an article in a quick-to-read format and are well suited for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. For people on the go, Snippets are the perfect solution.

Arzillion’s new methods of information presentation will provide many benefits to the user:

  • The user can gain information in much less time than reading the original article
  • It is much easier to remember and recall what was read
  • Instead of reading long articles, the user can read selectively
  • After a few days or weeks, the user can quickly review and refresh the information

Arzillion is soon poised to reshape how online content – news, technical articles, books etc will be read by the online users.

What Arzillion users are saying :


"I could absorb the snippet’s content almost as fast as my eyes moved over it."

Journalism Professor :

"Traditional paragraphs are actually very cumbersome and often filled with unnecessary words and punctuation."

Industry Analyst :

"Reading has fallen off on a per capita basis and everyone is looking for ways to rejuvenate the publishing industry."

Non-fiction Author :

"As someone who has written a half dozen books (and the 7th is underway), I can assure you the publishers I’ve worked with would be interested in this."

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