Crystal C/C++

Software programs are based on a limited vocabulary!

So, instead of typing character-by-character, why not edit code by a context-sensitive Tokens Panel?

And while we are at it, why not automatically format the code too?

The result : Crystal REVS is the best context-sensitive code & comment editor there is.

Similarly, we believe your time is too precious to be lost in low-level editing, reading code line-by-line or struggling with uncommented code. Most software engineers have experienced the frustrations of going through poorly formatted code & undocumented legacy code.

The result : Crystal FLOW, our reverse engineering tool, creates the best professional grade flowcharts of C/C++ source code - period.

And do you know of a tool, which helps comment & document your source code ?

Our code visualization tools are extremely valuable for understanding legacy code and for reviewing newly designed code. They are reflective of the spirit and experience of our engineers.

A few organizations using Crystal C/C++ :

What Crystal C/C++ users are saying :

"I use REVS as my C development environment, not just because of the flowcharting feature, but also because editing and browsing are really outstanding..."

- R. Weiss, San Jose

"I love the software. It allowed me to decipher a program of 46,000 lines of spaghetti C code across 63 files. Your code-formatting is by far the best I have seen."

- P.Hart, Los-Angeles

"I love Crystal FLOW for C++. I develop large-scale and complex algorithms, Crystal FLOW helps me with algorithm-level optimization."

- M. Tanemura, Tokyo

"...the tool is superb and it helped us a lot in modification of the existing code which was more than a million LOCs."

- S. Prasad, Bangalore

"I have found Crystal FLOW very helpful in the final stages of my project as we verify the control flow of our state machines. The interface and the capabilities of the application are excellent. "

- S. Vaghela, Mumbai

"I work in the UK and have been using Crystal FLOW to understand source code sent from San Diego. It is proving very useful to determine program flow in functions. You have a great product! "

- C. Haynes, Farnborough

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